Sending congratulations to Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) on going public

Forbes names Palantir competitor Semantic AI

—from their “truest, closest competitor”…according to Forbes  

- by Charles Gillespie, Co-Founder & Senior Advisor, Semantic AI -

It’s been a month now since Palantir launched its direct listing, and we want to say kudos to them for this success.

Semantic AI has had a front-row seat to the 17-year journey of Palantir. And, while we have chosen to remain private throughout our nearly 20-year history, we’ve enjoyed being challenged and motivated by our younger competition from Silicon Valley.


After all, we are the veterans at this: Semantic AI was the first company to create a true enterprise intelligence platform for the U.S. government, education, and commercial sectors. That the team at Palantir raised billions of dollars in funding, and finally reached the public markets, is no mean feat. We’re glad to see the recognition of another way to use data and information to help enterprises make better, faster, more confident decisions—to save lives, save money, and create new opportunities.

While we cheer them on—and continue to compete directly and indirectly—we’re mindful that not every organization can afford the cost of a Palantir solution. To that end, Semantic AI architected the Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform (Cortex EIP) to access or acquire relevant data, on-demand, and maintain all of the data’s provenance, for about 10-20% the cost of a typical Palantir installation. With Cortex EIP’s open architecture you can be sure that your data remains your own and can be imported and exported into and out of other systems, including Palantir.

In addition, Semantic AI’s ontology (a fancy word for the common language we use to describe each data point) is truly flexible and easy to modify when new problems or new data sources are discovered. We’ve always believed that you and your team know your business better than we ever will and, by working together, we can ensure your success. This helps explain why we measure our client relationships (that’s what we like to call them, since we think of customers as our partners) in decades, rather than months.

We know the challenges of introducing new ways of looking at data and business. It’s never easy to invent and market real breakthroughs. We sincerely appreciate all that Palantir has done to help spread the gospel of connected data, data-led discovery, and holistic analysis.

For our part, Semantic AI will continue to offer our ground-breaking Cortex EIP to businesses that need immediate solutions to difficult problems, at costs that produce a worthwhile return on investment quickly. If this sounds like your enterprise, please reach out and let us demonstrate how Cortex EIP can solve your problems of today, and those of tomorrow.

P.S. Interested in taking on new career challenges and solving hard data problems in a more open and accessible way? Please check out Semantic AI open positions here.