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AI-based Enterprise Intelligence Platform for government & business.

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Driven by a pervasive need of governments and businesses around the world to extract more insight from their data, the analytics industry is moving away from proprietary, complicated and expensive technology. Semantic AI is leading the way with Cortex EIP, an Enterprise Intelligence Platform designed to harness the data ecosystem of both government and business for extraordinary decision making.

Cortex EIP embodies the next generation of modern analytics built with the combination of power and simplicity needed for mass deployment.


Competitive solutions control your data in new databases. We access and acquire as needed so you can maintain your data.


Apply Machine Learning and advanced AI services to take you further—facial recognition, translation, sentiment and more. Delivering insights at the speed of light.


Over a decade of deployments yielded interfaces to dozens of data types and makes our software highly adaptable to different challenges.

Hybrid Cloud

Cortex EIP software can be deployed on-premises in a private cloud, as a public cloud service, or both ways in a hybrid cloud environment.

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Connect valuable data from as many sources as possible in ways amenable to human understanding.

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Perform a variety of analytical techniques on the data to augment its value with information from inside and outside the enterprise.

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Augment the analysis process with fluid, targeted and dynamic visualizations that show the results of current and prior analysis.

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Generate high value, actionable intelligence assets, to support extraordinary decisions.


In the future vast reservoirs of data will be harnessed to prevent life-threatening crises and unleash billion-dollar opportunities. With Semantic AI that future is now. Pioneering the use of semantic graphs since 2001, and among the first to use artificial intelligence and machine learning—see how Semantic AI technology will transform the way your organization uses data.

  • HIDTA logo
    “ We are very satisfied with our five-year relationship with Semantic AI. Their solutions have helped speed our investigations and have led to a better functioning investigative organization overall. ” Thomas Carr Executive Director of Washington-Baltimore HIDTA
    “ Once we could show how it all inter-connected, law enforcement agents could convince their leadership to take action. ” Director of Analysis
  • Defense Intelligence Agency logo
    “ Semantic ingested millions of data points from various data sources, visualized the relationship between each data point, and spot anomalies from the noise. Resulting in support of the prosecution of various entities involved in violating U.S economic sanctions. ” Sr Intelligence Agency
  • Citi
    “ SEMANTIC returned a 400% productivity increase during active investigation analysis immediately after trial implementation ” Citibank
  • Wildlife Crime Protection
    “ Since implementing and training our team on Cortex Edge- we’ve built our anti-trafficking best practices around it.

    I can’t imagine doing the work we do without it. ”
    Remco Dykman Wildlife Crime Prevention
Semantic AI Cortex for Government
More than two decades of experience

Cortex EIP for Government & Institutions

Government & institutional clients use Cortex EIP for national security, to identify and track adversaries, combat terrorism, equip state and local law enforcement, investigate narcotics trafficking, and much more.

  • Government and National Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Foundations & NGOs
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Semantic AI Cortex for Commercial
Revolutionizing data analysis

Cortex EIP for Commercial Enterprises

Corporate clients use Cortex for cyber, fraud, customer insights, insider threats, corporate intelligence, supply chain and much more.

  • Financial Institutions
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Illumination
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