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Make them with confidence. Make them with context.

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Why we’re more than artificial

It might seem like "AI" is a universal solution for everyone, but don't be fooled. AI doesn’t conform to a "one-size-fits-all" model.

As a leader in augmented intelligence, Semantic AI’s insight and knowledge platform chooses the right tool, at the right time. We utilize specific AI components and capabilities precisely when, where, and how you need them.

We deliver more than two decades of deep background in human/computer interaction and cognitive technology.

We are leveraging cutting-edge computational performance to connect, add value to, and present data and information in ways that augment how human analysts rapidly build understanding and form better decisions.

We call this Augmented Intelligence: a fusion of human intelligence with machine learning, analytics, visualization, and, yes, artificial intelligence capabilities. It’s our goal to augment the efficacy, speed, confidence, and capacity of your teams, to help you avoid risk and create new opportunities.

Augmented Intelligence.


Augmented Intelligence and the problems we solve

How we solve problems using Augmented Intelligence

Semantic AI guides you through seeing and analyzing data, in context, with our unique, human-centered data model.

Whether it's hardening your critical infrastructure, protecting from cybersecurity threats, making your supply chain more resilient, or solving cross-domain, data-dependent problems, we stitch together all your sources, showing you who, what, when, where, how, and why they are connected.

We reveal hidden intelligence in your data by uncovering meaningful connections, behaviors, and patterns within patterns (meta-patterns), leading you to insights, knowledge, and decisive action.

No matter what industry you’re in, Semantic AI’s technology can redefine the way you visualize, interact with, analyze, and understand data.

Our customers in government, institutions, and commercial enterprises recognize the value of our next-generation embedded analytics platform―the Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

Cortex EIP™ provides a powerful platform all your people can use to augment their intelligence, creating extraordinary results and unlocking the value concealed in your data.

How Our Customers Solve Their Most Complex Data Issues with Augmented Intelligence

Our customers continually amaze us with the creativity of their solutions. Here are a few examples of the types of problems we help them work through to achieve actionable results.

Contact us today to discuss how to effectively target your most difficult data-led challenges.

  • HIDTA logo
    “ We are very satisfied with our five-year relationship with Semantic AI. Their solutions have helped speed our investigations and have led to a better functioning investigative organization overall. ” Thomas Carr Executive Director of Washington-Baltimore HIDTA
    “ Once we could show how it all inter-connected, law enforcement agents could convince their leadership to take action. ” Director of Analysis
  • Defense Intelligence Agency logo
    “ Semantic ingested millions of data points from various data sources, visualized the relationship between each data point, and spot anomalies from the noise. Resulting in support of the prosecution of various entities involved in violating U.S economic sanctions. ” Sr Intelligence Agency
  • Wildlife Crime Protection
    “ Since implementing and training our team on Cortex Edge- we’ve built our anti-trafficking best practices around it.

    I can’t imagine doing the work we do without it. ”
    Remco Dykman Wildlife Crime Prevention

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