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Government and commercial solutions from Semantic AI include Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform™ (EIP) and Cortex Edge™ client software.

Product Overview

Augmenting the intelligence of your team

With AI & ML built in, everyone can use advanced analytics to fuse, visualize, and transform your data.

Connect to any data source

Connect to all data sources inside and outside your organization.

Data to insights in minutes

Enrich your data with context to achieve breakthrough insights.

Tell a meaningfull story

Look at data in different ways to understand the who, what, when, where, how, and why of a story.

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Cortex EIP

Cortex EIP™ is an enterprise intelligence platform that ingests, fuses, analyzes, and visualizes data from ANY data source to empower government and commercial organizations to harness the value of their data landscape.

  • Ideal for processing large, complex data sets.
  • Deploy machine learning, AI, and other cognitive services when you need them.
  • In the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment options ensure your teams have access when, and where, they need it.
Cortex Edge™

Cortex Edge™ client software is a standalone business intelligence application and console for Cortex EIP.

  • Combines data fusion, analysis, and reporting in a lightweight desktop solution.
  • Can be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with Cortex EIP deployments, unleashing the power of the cloud from anywhere.




  • Fully featured REST API interface with push & pull capabilities
  • Query all of your data sources at once through a common user interface (UI)
  • Intelligent, extensible schema
  • Semantic graph data model
  • Advanced real-time analytics with data visualization
  • Graphical workflow studio for intuitive control of your automations
  • Connected data model supports entity, relationship, path, social network & “what if” analysis
  • User-configurable, nested, if/then/else, query and analytical process automations


  • Connect to any data source within or outside the organization
  • Access, filter and ingest only the data that you want
  • Flexible, extensible ontologically-based schema allows Cortex EIP to adapt to any organization’s needs
  • Enrich your data with geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic information and much more
  • Reconcile formats, structures and terminologies; identify patterns and relationships in your data
  • Create data-rich relationships with all data related to any given relationship
  • Discover unexpected associations and create hypotheses to make faster, smarter decisions
  • Streamline processes and eliminate repetitive, time-consuming tasks, reducing the data-to-decision period

Why Semantic AI and
Cortex EIP Stand Out

Leveraging your organization’s human intelligence and Cortex EIP’s real-time analytics, machine learning, and data mining capabilities to create a competitive edge starts by picking the right AI analytics partner and platform.

In a sea of start-ups and converted BI vendors, Semantic AI stands out with over two decades of intelligence-related AI analytics collaboration, innovation and satisfied customers.

The Cortex EIP platform is exceptional because of its unique flexibility and a semantic, graph-based data model which complements and streamlines the way humans gather, process and store information.

Semantic AI Cortex for Government
More than two decades of experience

Cortex EIP for Government & Institutions

Government & institutional clients use Cortex EIP for national security, to identify and track adversaries, combat terrorism, equip state and local law enforcement, investigate narcotics trafficking, and much more.

  • Government and National Security
  • Law Enforcement
  • Foundations & NGOs
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Semantic AI Cortex for Commercial
Revolutionizing data analysis

Cortex EIP for Commercial Enterprises

Corporate clients use Cortex EIP for cyber, fraud, customer insights, insider threats, corporate intelligence, supply chain visibility and much more.

  • Financial Institutions
  • Critical Infrastructure Intelligence
  • Supply Chain Intelligence
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