Use Cases

Here are a few examples of how Cortex EIP can help you unlock the potential of your data ecosystem to overcome real-life challenges.

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Cortex EIP augments human …

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

Overwhelming data speeds, feeds, and volume. Cortex EIP fuses them together with analytics, using augmented intelligence to integrate workflows and give teams the oversight and insight necessary to act decisively.

Cortex EIP stands out as one of the few platforms that can seamlessly integrate virtually any data from nearly any source, providing context-driven connections to augment the intelligence of analysts tasked with making sense of it all.

In today's landscape, the most valuable data is often gathered from Open Sources, spanning commercial, social, news, and the deep/dark web. Rapidly integrating this data with powerful analytical tools, including AI/ML, is crucial to exploiting the available information.

No matter your industry, …

Supply Chain Intelligence

No matter your industry, end-to-end visibility is essential to effectively monitor production, distribution, transportation, and delivery within your global supply chain. Identify risks, mitigate threats, and improve outcomes with Supply Chain Intelligence.

  • Global business relies on complex and interconnected supply chains, with multiple tiers of outsourcing, distribution routes, technologies, laws, policies, and practices.
  • Supply chain risks may include counterfeiting, unauthorized production, tampering, theft, insertion of malicious software and hardware, as well as forced labor, political unrest, and environmental concerns.
  • Businesses face increasing pressure to counter the new generation of risks stemming from these rapidly changing threats and evolving social media networks and technological landscape.
  • Given the potential for threats and vulnerabilities to compromise the supply chain at any stage, Cortex EIP for Supply Chain Intelligence alleviates risks by augmenting organizational information with external data and powerful AI tools—enabling the comprehensive analysis of the entire product and system life cycle, whether on-demand or continuous.
  • Results are displayed visually, easy to understand, and customizable at the user level.
  • With Cortex EIP, you can connect to all your organization’s data in one environment, capturing a comprehensive view of each client and portfolio for faster, more profitable, growth.
Enterprise intelligence gives …

Critical Infrastructure Intelligence

Empower your organization with heightened resilience and strategic foresight, leveraging features such as cyber threat mitigation, threat analysis, anomaly detection, machine learning, and dynamic risk assessment.

  • Security experts recognize that cyber threats are escalating fast, yet traditional security infrastructure is struggling to keep pace. Cortex EIP augments your network intelligence to stay ahead of the threats.
  • Cortex EIP enhances your existing cyber posture with augmented intelligence to discover patterns which foreshadow an attack, expose vulnerabilities within your attack surface, and identify potential insider threats.
  • Use Cortex EIP to conduct in-depth threat assessments through sophisticated analysis tools, identifying potential risks to critical infrastructure and enabling proactive measures that safeguard against security threats.
  • Utilize advanced anomaly detection algorithms to swiftly recognize unusual patterns or behaviors within the critical infrastructure network, enabling immediate response and mitigation.
  • Continuously assess and adapt to changing risk landscapes with dynamic risk assessment tools, providing real-time insights into evolving threats and facilitating agile decision-making to protect critical assets.
Introducing our cutting-edge …

Multi-Domain Awareness Intelligence

Introducing our cutting-edge Multi-Domain Awareness Intelligence Solution, tailored by our expert software team specializing in aviation and maritime situational intelligence. Elevate your security and operational efficiency across multiple domains with features such as real-time tracking, threat detection, intelligent analytics, and customizable alerts to deliver unparalleled situational awareness.

  • Cortex EIP provides a comprehensive view of aviation and maritime activities with precise real-time tracking, ensuring immediate awareness of vessel and aircraft movements.
  • Proactively identify potential risks and security threats through advanced algorithms and threat detection mechanisms, enhancing overall safety and risk mitigation.
  • Harness the power of data with Cortex EIP’s intelligent analytics, providing actionable insights for strategic decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency.
  • Customize alerts and reports to your specific needs, receive notifications on critical events and anomalies that power swift response and proactive measures to safeguard your assets and operations.

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