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No matter what industry …

Supply Chain Illumination

No matter what industry you’re in, end-to-end product traceability is vital in allowing you to monitor product quality, provide insight into product distribution details, manage changing regulations, and allow for efficient and targeted product recalls.

Enterprise intelligence gives …

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Ransomware, Spear Phishing, Botnets, Distributed Denial of Service…the list of cyber threats keeps growing. Cortex EIP augments your human intelligence to stay ahead of it all.

With the augmented intelligen…

Anti-Money Laundering and Diligence

From banks to hedge funds, financial institutions must combat growing threats, while staying compliant with an expanding suite of regulations. Cortex EIP uses augmented intelligence to help you get ahead of all of this...and your competitors.

Cortex EIP augments human …

Open Source Intelligence

Sprawling agencies and data ecosystems. Cortex EIP fuses them together with analytics that provides the oversight and insight necessary to act decisively.