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Defense & National Security

With the safety of millions at stake, no application is more perilous than National Security. Cortex EIP offers a track record of successfully fusing, analyzing and visualizing data for critical DOD missions.


Law Enforcement

With Cortex EIP, connections, relationships, and criminal histories are shared real-time with privileged members of the investigative team, from chief, to detective to patrol officer.


Supply Chain Management

No matter what industry you’re in, end-to-end product traceability is vital in allowing you to monitor product quality, provide insight into product distribution details, manage changing regulations, and allow for efficient and targeted product recalls.


Ransomware, Spear phishing, Botnets, Distributed Denial of Service…the list of cyber threats keep growing. Cortex EIP augments your human intelligence to stay ahead of cyber threats.


NGOs, Non Profits & Foundations

Some foundations and NGOs are in relentless pursuit of a world free of genocide, equality and crimes against humanity. Enterprise intelligence is today playing a key role in helping these organizations analyze the factors that give rise to such atrocities, and preventing them from happening.


Financial Institutions

From banks to hedge funds, financial institutions must combat growing while staying compliant with an expanding suite of regulations. Cortex EIP uses augmented intelligence to help you get ahead of threats, regulations, and your competitors.


Casino & Sporting Integrity

Cortex EIP links disparate data such as like ratings, pace of table games, and casino video surveillance system then analyzes and visualizes the results for management, to prevent money laundering, voucher theft, and other methods of casino fraud.


Sprawling agencies and data ecosystems. Cortex EIP fuses them together with analytics that provides the oversight and insight necessary to act decisively.