Semantic AI Awarded SBIR to Assist U.S. Air Force with Publicly Available Information (PAI) Fusion

Semantic AI was awarded an Air Force Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract

Semantic AI was awarded a U.S. Air Force (USAF) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to explore joint use-cases for our innovative, dual-use multi-INT data fusion technology. As a mature small business, with nearly two decades of federal past performance, Semantic AI pioneered object-based semantic graph databases within a flexible, analyst-centric, intelligence platform. Whether for use in Dense Urban Terrain or Long Range Precision Fires for Anti-Access/Area Denial, the Department of Defense (DoD) is aggressively pursuing tools to help our warfighters achieve decision-superiority in a multi-domain environment with the right information, in the right place, at the right time.

Organizations throughout the government and private sectors have become adept at collecting and storing data related to their missions. This data capture and collection capability has resulted in an explosion in the speed and quantity of data aggregation. What has not kept pace with this enhanced data aggregation capacity is the ability to extract meaningful, actionable information from the data. The DoD problem-set is even more challenging than the commercial world: the speed, quantity, and diversity of data feeds that are relevant to the many and varied missions encompassed by the modern DoD are many times more complex and disparate than those facing a single-mission, commercial enterprise. In addition to the explosion of internally generated and sensor data collected, the availability of PAI has increased exponentially, both in terms of volume and velocity, but also in terms of relevance to DoD mission sets.

Next Generation ISR Dominance Flight Plan

Throughout commercial and government environments, replication of effort, incomplete data access, and excessive time to exploitation of analysis impose massive costs on organizations. Furthermore, inefficient data exploitation requires existing resources to spend significant time on menial, repetitive tasks rather than on high-value interpretation of information. This sub-optimal data exploitation demands excessive investment in personnel to accomplish goals that can be handled more effectively, in both time and cost with fewer personnel.

In 2018, USAF released its Next Generation ISR Dominance Flight Plan. This all-encompassing strategy outlines how the USAF will achieve and sustain a significant ISR advantage over potential adversaries for the next decade. Added to this is the USAF Artificial Intelligence Strategy, which was just released in September 2019. Furthermore, the AI Strategy guidelines for the alignment of USAF AI planning with the National Defense Strategy and the DoD AI Strategy as executed by the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC).

Under the terms of this new SBIR, Semantic AI (SAI) will provide our revolutionary Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) Augmented Intelligence (AI) solution to help users view and analyze data in context through a unique human-centric data model. Our flagship product, Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform (EIP), stitches together data from all sources to connect the who, what, where, when, why, and how events are connected. Built with experience and feedback from DoD and other Government users, Cortex EIP has been enhanced to provide an innovative AI solution that fuses data from air, space, land, sea, cyber and the electromagnetic spectrum to provide verifiable, secure data in near real-time.

Cortex EIP is an enterprise intelligence platform that ingests, analyzes, and visualizes data from any source to empower users to immediately harness the value of a vast data ecosystem. Connections, relationships, and histories are shared with military operators and leadership to produce a comprehensive data landscape which results in the ability to act quickly and with confidence to ever-changing mission requirements.

Next Generation ISR Dominance Flight Plan

Cortex EIP is intuitive due to its unique semantic network which features a graph-based data model that emulates the way humans learn, access and store information. By leveraging a suite of fully customizable dashboards, Cortex EIP enables users to see complete common operating pictures as data and analytical input are fused to enable informed decision-making. Further, Cortex EIP integrates data across organizations and enables leaders from different organizations, divisions, and units to contribute and consume Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) data, all while preserving the provenance of each piece of information. Cortex EIP is ready to operate on any tactical cloud network regardless of network platform.

Cortex EIP is fully compatible with existing DoD Identity and Access Management (IdAM) solutions with Authorization to Operate (ATO) within SIPR and fully capable of operating within Top Secret networks. Cortex EIP also meets NIST and FIPS security standards as well as HIPAA requirements for data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding information. In addition, Cortex EIP is capable of recording and tracking all searches and user activity providing an audit trail with customizable retention periods for managers and leaders. This accumulation of data will enhance military users’ ability to manage and understand threats in a variety of different environments and support dynamic mission requirements. Cortex EIP is in use within several markets and is rated at TRL-9.

SAI is a leader in the fusion of internal and external data sets to support critical decision making and actionable intelligence. Since 2001, SAI (previously Semantic Research, Inc.) has been developing intelligence and investigation software to enable leading commercial enterprises to make sense of, understand and take meaningful action based on the explosion of data relevant to their missions. In addition to our work with leading commercial enterprises, we have been supporting DoD, Intelligence Community (IC), and Law Enforcement organizations for nearly two decades. As a result, we understand the knowledge value-chain that modern data-led organizations need to exploit for success, and we have experience with adapting that data exploitation capability within DoD mission-sets. We are excited to bring this knowledge force-multiplier technology to the United States Air Force.

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