Semantic AI³

machine learning brain with augmented intelligence AI

Semantic AI cubed? What’s that all about?

At Semantic AI, we have traditionally focused directly on making humans smarter: Using technology to augment human intelligence through tools that enable users to process more data, more efficiently, and make life changing decisions.

Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence is a focus on enhancing human cognitive performance, including learning, understanding, and decision making, using the power of technology and computing. Right now, analysts typically spend 90% of their time researching, organizing and categorizing data, with only 10% of their effort going to analysis and action. We aim to invert that pyramid. We’ve been doing this work for a long time.

In the 1990’s our academic founders were instrumental in creating the software that validated the power of visual knowledge representation to enhance the ability of university students to absorb and understand more complex material, and especially understand the crucial connections between abstract conceptual material. This facilitated the transfer of knowledge from subject matter experts to students, and measurably increased retention and understanding of fundamental concepts in fields like biology.

In the 2000’s we pioneered the use of networks, specifically semantic networks, adapted from the field of artificial intelligence, to support our Defense and Intelligence communities as they had to rapidly connect the dots of disparate information about asymmetric threats like terrorism, trans-national criminal organizations, and others. We continue to support some of the most forward-looking programs with our groundbreaking and proven analytical tools.

Now, at the beginning of a new decade, we are applying everything we have learned to assist leading commercial enterprises with the Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform (Cortex EIP). Based on our underlying semantic graph-based data model, Cortex EIP enables human users to augment their intelligence through data fusion, analysis, visualization and production of actionable results.

Artificial Intelligence

At the same time, our process for integrating any data, from any source, into a common, flexible data schema, enables Cortex to serve as an ideal platform for advanced machine intelligence techniques, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, machine translation/transliteration, video/image exploitation, and a host of others. In effect, we manage data in ways that make it efficient for machines to increase their ability to support human users through artificial intelligence.

Actionable Intelligence

Finally, the whole point of Artificial Intelligence is to Augment Intelligence for humans — so that they can make better, faster, more confident decisions, and take meaningful action based on those decisions, either to reduce risk, or increase profits. In the defense world they call this Actionable Intelligence. We think that term fits well regardless of the domain: In our knowledge-based economy, data leads. And enterprises that can take meaningful action, based on actionable intelligence, have a critical competitive advantage.

So Semantic AI is our shorthand for using Artificial Intelligence to Augment Intelligence leading to Actionable Intelligence. Or, Semantic AI3.

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