Washington-Baltimore HIDTA Chooses Semantic AI for Analytics

Data Analytics Solution Speeds High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Investigations

ALEXANDRIA, VA - AUGUST 14, 2018: Semantic AI is pleased to announce its selection by the Washington-Baltimore HIDTA (High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area) to help combat a growing plague of opioid trafficking and related violence in the area.

"We are truly pleased to partner, once again, with Baltimore-Washington HIDTA,” said Richard (Chip) Harrison, CEO of Semantic AI. "We purpose-built our solution to help law enforcement work smarter and faster with high speed data analytics. Our technology saves them time and money by creating quick visualizations of opioid trafficking suspects, distribution methods, and connected criminal activity like money laundering."

Working with federal, state and local investigators, the Semantica intelligence and investigative platform transforms tedious data gathering and processing into simple, intuitive tasks resulting in visual displays that "tell the story". It enables rapid collaboration among all agencies involved in tracking and apprehending those suspected of high intensity drug trafficking.

HIDTA is a federal program administered by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, designed to provide resources to federal, state, local, and tribal agencies to coordinate activities to Washington-Baltimore HIDTA Chooses Semantic AI for Analytics address drug trafficking in specifically designated areas of the country. There are currently 29 HIDTAs in the United States. The Washington-Baltimore HIDTA serves as an intelligence center ' by enabling and supporting collaborative narcotics trafficking investigations involving federal, state and local law enforcement.

Thomas Carr, Executive Director of Washington-Baltimore HIDTA, said, "We are very satisfied with our five year relationship with Semantic AI. Their solutions have helped speed our investigations and have led to a better functioning investigative organization overall. We look forward to seeing new generations of their products as they are released."

Semantic AI's newest platform, Cortex, is a hybrid on-premises and cloud solution that incorporates advanced technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence, text analysis, face recognition and much more.

Semantic AI's solutions use "augmented intelligence" to enhance, not replace, human intelligence and intuition in law enforcement and other investigations. The company believes that human reasoning cannot be replaced in these situations, but that technologies like Semantica and Cortex can augment it by gathering disparate data into a single platform that delivers acumen, deduction, speed and visualizations.

About Semantic AI

Semantic AI, led by analytics industry veterans and investors, is based in California with offices in San Diego and Alexandria, VA. The company's Semantica and Cortex investigative platforms are used broadly by financial institutions and federal agencies including DOD, DOJ, DHS and State and Local LEAs. For more information please visit: https://semantic-ai.com

About Washington-Baltimore HIDTA

Washington-Baltimore HIDTA's mission is to improve interagency collaboration, promote the sharing of accurate and timely information and intelligence, and provide specialized training and other resources to its participating law enforcement and treatment/criminal justice agencies. The Washington-Baltimore HIDTA serves the District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia. For more information please visit: https://www.hidta.org.