Semantic AI launches Semantic Studios to create new applications that tackle real-world needs across multiple domains

Semantic Studios using Cortex EIP

Semantic AI’s newest division focuses on groundbreaking applications and professional services leveraging its Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform (EIP).


San Diego, CA - November 30, 2021 -Semantic AI, in its third decade as the pioneering developer of artificial intelligence and graph-based analytics, announces a new division—Semantic Studios—to collaborate with customers and partners to create and implement innovative solutions based on their Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform (Cortex EIP).

Semantic AI’s Cortex EIP represents a significant breakthrough in scale, complexity, and capability for analytics, enabling users to reimagine what is possible for data-driven solutions. By seamlessly combining data from virtually any source, and applying the most advanced analytical and AI processes, Cortex EIP makes it possible to solve the most intractable problems in a single platform.

Semantic Studios will bring to market solutions that will revolutionize and transform whole industries. Semantic Studios will take full advantage of Cortex EIP’s infinitely flexible ontology, integrated AI/ML analytics, and massively scalable data architecture to drive extraordinary decision-making.

Led by industry experts from diverse backgrounds, Semantic Studios represents a new model for creating and implementing solutions with partners and customers across multiple domains,” said Chip Harrison, chief executive officer and founder at Semantic AI. “With direct input from clients and partners, and the power of Cortex EIP we can imagine, innovate, design, and rapidly deliver solutions that were previously unfeasible or impossible to create.”

Semantic Studios Solutions already in development include:

  • Supply chain illumination
  • Crypto/blockchain intelligence
  • Critical infrastructure resilience
  • Asset monitoring and intelligence
  • OSINT investigation
  • City/local
  • Human trafficking deterrence
  • Integrity of the game

Hands-on feedback from clients and partners, via Semantic Studios, will help ensure customer success and accelerate the ongoing development of Cortex EIP; further enhancing the practical application of the technology.

About Semantic AI – Celebrating 20 Years

Semantic AI is a privately-held software firm headquartered in San Diego, CA, with offices in Alexandria, VA. In 2001, after the events on 9/11, Semantic AI was among the first to use graph-based analysis to support the U.S.’s counter-terrorism mission. Semantic AI technology is now utilized across commercial, government and non-profit sectors, solving data-driven challenges in fintec, cyber, blockchain, enterprise threat intelligence, sporting integrity, and critical infrastructure/supply chain risk management Learn more about Semantic AI and our solutions by visiting our website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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Tim LaMarca
VP Product & Director of Studio Production

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