Semantic AI Introduces Cortex EIP™ Analytics Platform.

Introducing Cortext EIP

An Enterprise Intelligence Platform that augments human intelligence so all information in a data ecosystem can be analyzed real-time and organizations can make extraordinary decisions.

July 1, 2019 —Semantic AI, a pioneer in the development of semantic graph-based analytics, today announced the introduction of the Cortex EIP Enterprise Intelligence Platform. The software was developed in response to the explosive growth of data ecosystems and the pervasive need of government and commercial enterprises to extract value from their data. Cortex EIP represents a new generation of modern analytics that augments human intelligence so that any and all information can be harnessed to make the extraordinary decisions that prevent threats, save lives, and seize opportunities.

According to Chip Harrison, CEO and co-founder at Semantic AI, “Leaders and analysts realize that data is the life-blood of their organization. The question is, ‘how can I extract value from all this data?’ We think one great option is Cortex EIP. Our enterprise intelligence platform augments the intelligence of your people with analytical capabilities they can use wherever and however they need.”

Cortex EIP: Built for the Big Bang: The Accelerating Expansion of the Data Universe

The data universe is accelerating at a dizzying pace. There’s massive value in all that disparate data, but the human eye can’t see it, neither can traditional databases. Hidden among all that data are insights that can save lives and unlock billion-dollar opportunities.

The Cortex EIP enterprise intelligence platform connects your data sources in a single, open platform to reveal value hidden in the data. Cortex EIP is a COTS offering which can be deployed on-premises and/or in your choice of public cloud. Cortex EIP fuses, analyzes and visualizes data from ANY source.

  • Fuse - Semantic Graphs™ build “live” connectors that link ALL your data sources into a single, open, data model
  • Analyze - Cortex EIP performs higher functions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, video and facial recognition to discover relationships that matter.
  • Visualize – Cortex EIP provides visualizations and automated workflows based on cognitive reasoning to empowers customers to act quickly and make extraordinary decisions.

Why Semantic AI is betting on Augmented Intelligence

Data is only as valuable as the decisions it helps your people make, whether they are protecting the organization from harm (Cost) or finding new sources of revenue (Profit). The Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform collects all relevant data, applies enhanced analytics against it, and augments the intelligence of your people so that they make the right decisions, quickly, and profitably. Cortex EIP acts as a workforce multiplier by increasing the pace and fidelity of your analysis and becomes the foundation on which future augmented analytics capabilities will be delivered. “Our customers report up to a 400% increase in productivity with Cortex, and that’s a game-changer,” according to Harrison.

Solutions for the Enterprise Intelligence Market

Government and commercial enterprises are using structured and unstructured data, from internal and external sources, on-premises and in the cloud, on the web and on the dark web. Semantic-AI’s Cortex EIP is uniquely suited to supporting leading data-led organizations. Cortex’s Open Architecture, and Open-API approach is data-agnostic, and provides a flexible schema that fits into any environment. This Modular, Open Systems Approach enables data fusion and federated search across all of your large and complex data ecosystem, and the semantic visualizations, predictive analytics, and automated workflows ensure your teams are operating at peak efficiency – augmenting their intelligence with the power of the Cortex Enterprise Intelligence Platform.

The Cortex EIP SaaS platform and Cortex Notebook client software are available for deployment in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments and are available today as solutions tailored for DOD, Intelligence, NGO, and Law Enforcement applications, as well as Casino, Cyber, Financial and Supply Chain commercial applications.


About Semantic AI

Semantic AI is a privately held software firm headquartered in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to make humans, not machines, smarter so they can make extraordinary decisions. We fuse, analyze, and visualize data so that organizations can harness their data ecosystems and create context from chaos. Learn more by visiting our website, LinkedIn company page, and Twitter account @Semantic_AI.