Booz Allen Hamilton and San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp recognize Semantic AI as AI tech leader in So. California

San Diego-based Lytx is using artificial intelligence to detect distracted driving from cell phones and other behaviors. (Lytx)

By Mike Freeman / published in The San Diego Union Tribune
Dec.11, 2020

...San Diego is in a strong position to benefit from the expansion of artificial intelligence, according to a study “Measuring the Future: AI and San Diego’s Economy” released last week from the San Diego Regional Economic Development Corp.

While the study did not pinpoint a specific number of artificial intelligence jobs in the region, it did highlight industries with above-average employment in AI fields.

They include telecommunications, information technology, software and transportation. Large companies with operations in San Diego such as Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop Grumman and ResMed — as well as smaller businesses such as Lytx, Lockton and Semantic AI — are among the firms developing artificial intelligence technology in the region.

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