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The Challenge

Global business relies on complex and interconnected supply chains with many tiers of outsourcing, distribution routes, technologies, laws, policies, and practices. Supply chain risks may include insertion of counterfeits, unauthorized production, tampering, theft, insertion of malicious software and hardware, as well as poor manufacturing and development practices in the product supply chain.

Supply chain threats and vulnerabilities can compromise the supply chain at any stage, Cortex EIP for Supply Chain Intelligence mitigates risks by augmenting organizational information with outside data and powerful AI tools so the entire product and systems life cycle can be analyzed – on demand or continuously. Results are displayed visually, are easy to understand and customizable at the user level.

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The Semantic AI Solution

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Cortex EIP compiles merged data from disparate internal and external sources—including distribution routes, technologies, laws, policies, and practices—all into one easy to use platform developed specifically for Corporate and Government Supply Chain Risk Management. This frees analysts from time-consuming tasks of searching individual data sources one at a time.

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Cortex EIP was developed in conjunction with a Supply Chanin Intelligence Subject Matter Expert, specifically to overcome the issues related to analyzing big data. Cortex EIP’s Augmented Intelligence assists organizations by rapidly identifying connections between customers, partners, business locations, subsidiaries, and foreign people of influence to map the entire supply chain – identifying potential risks and chokepoints. The software can also assist in verifying compliance with U.S. export laws and trade acts and assist in other mandatory compliance requirements.

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The semantic graphs constructed by Cortex are critical to visualizing risks, threats, and compliance with government regulations. The cognitive views shared by analysts and leaders enable organizations to improve the accuracy and breadth of their situational awareness.

Alerts can set and generated automatically so organizations can act quickly and confidently to address concerns. Workflows can be mapped so that processes can be improved – increasing efficiency and lowering Risk Management-related costs.

See How Semantic AI can Work for you Request A Demo