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The Challenge

Management has a responsibility to fans, players, and owners to monitor threats, and take action to protect the integrity of the game. Threats to integrity are myriad and unpredictable. Various leagues have had to deal with betting and doping scandals, and behavior issues.

Cortex EIP takes data from any source, fuses it into a contextual data model, and then analyzes it with the latest tools and techniques. The result is actionable intelligence that empowers game administrators to identify emerging threats, counter attempts to disrupt the sport, and, ultimately, protect the integrity of the game.

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Cortex EIP

The Semantic AI Solution

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“The human element is the most challenging aspect to manage and contain. Understanding the forces that are acting on them is the first step in protecting the game.”


Whether it includes improper security measures that compromise cyber systems, or corrupting influences and team members threatening the game, the first step in protecting the game is to fuse data about forces that are acting on them. Cortex EIP connects the data you need to get an accurate picture for what is going on. There is massive value in all the data that the human eye can’t always see.

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Cortex EIP analysis can reveal insider threats, improper wagering, expose moral corruption, and provide reputational defense. This is accomplished by evaluating anomalies in patterns which could be the result of nefarious activity. Adding AI services can take your analysts further, with greater efficiencies than ever before.

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“Over time, the value realized by integration continues to increase. As more data sources are connected to Cortex EIP, the ability to make informed decisions grows.”


Cortex EIP gives a 360-degree view of your enterprise, based on data from internal and external sources. The semantic graphs show hidden connections that can lead to real damage. The automated alerting, one-click reporting, and constant monitoring, gives you the knowledge necessary to take decisive action—before situations get out of hand or the integrity of the game is compromised.

See How Semantic AI can Work for you Request A Demo