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The Challenge

Until recently intelligence agencies have deployed disparate indicators, warnings, geospatial monitoring, network analysis and temporal analysis. Combine these tools with manual processes, and you have inefficiencies that impact the ability of commanders to stay informed. Cortex EIP uses augmented intelligence to integrate workflows and give agency teams the oversight and insight necessary to stay informed and act decisively.

The Semantic AI Solution


Cortex EIP locates and links massive amounts of disparate data types everywhere in your target data ecosystem. Internal or external, structured or unstructured, text or video, the data is fused into a single schema that intelligence teams can query and search to discover relationships and patterns.


The number of data sources and volume of data can easily overwhelm even large teams of intelligence analysts. Cortex EIP uses advanced technologies such as machine learning, voice recognition, facial recognition, and language translation, to sift quickly through more sources than humanly possible.


In real time, Cortex EIP continuously moves your data through an entire intelligence investigation cycle. Then, using cognitive learning, presents a diverse assortment of graphs and visualizations that will allow you to see suspicious activity, intercept threats, and rapidly make decisions.

See How Semantic AI can Work for you Request A Demo