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The Challenge

With limited funding to bring education, health and development where it is needed most, NGOs, Foundations and Non-Profits need to do more with less.

Using Cortex EIP from Semantic AI, organizations can address one of the biggest obstacles to achieving their goal…corruption. Cortex EIP allows NGOs to automatically import and fuse mountains of disparate data, customize freely in a flexible ontology, and see deeper into networks of bad actors based on powerful and easy-to-understand visualizations. Semantic has supported humanitarian, environmental, conservation and development organizations worldwide.


The Semantic AI Solution

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“I previously used IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook. I needed something more powerful so I tried Cortex Notebook and I loved it.”


Cortex EIP can ingest data from variety of structured and unstructured data sources. The software also includes tools for quickly translating data from handwritten documents, PDFs, and social media sites. Cortex EIP then fuses all available data into a single flexible schema, including relationships you define.

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Using relationships set-up by NGO analysts, Cortex EIP reveals patterns and trends across people, locations, organizations, transactions, timing, and other entities. For one NGO tracking poachers in Africa, analysis by Cortex EIP suggested a poaching problem was also an organized crime problem. The people who moved the most heroin also shipped the most ivory. Ultimately, this knowledge enabled the NGO to unravel the poachers, drug traffickers and corrupt government officials who converged into a single criminal network.

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“Poachers are very good at hiding. Semantic AI helped us make links that were being missed. Once we saw what was being built-out, we could not ‘unsee’ it anymore.” Director of Analysis, CINTOC


Cortex EIP provides a 360 degree view of your analysis based on data from internal and external sources. The semantic graphs constructed by Cortex Notebook are critical to visualizing the relationships between players in the criminal network and illegal activities. Cortex EIP has been highly effective in identifying and preventing bad actors from doing more damage and allowing citizens and conservation efforts to make forward progress.

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