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The Challenge

Financial institutions face an ever-changing political, regulatory, social and competitive environment with constant cyber and reputational threats facing the organization. These challenges are initiated by corporate growth requirements, financial threats, compliance requirements, board room requests, business conditions, cyber or social media threats, environmental impacts and global socioeconomic developments. Financial Institutions are under pressure to combat a new generation of risks brought forth by these fast-changing threats, evolving social media networks and technology landscape.

Cortex EIP enables organizations to augment their human intelligence, in a cost-effective, efficient manner, to combat areas that reduce losses and capital impacts such as money laundering, fraud, cyber intrusions, all while managing the rising regulatory and compliance costs all while facilitating the growth of existing and new business opportunities. Cortex EIP allows organizations to connect to all of their data in one environment and provide a comprehensive look at each client and portfolio, to enable faster more profitable growth.

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The Semantic AI Solution

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Cortex EIP sweeps together your broad data ecosystem into one environment. After linking proprietary data with public records, third party data sources, facial recognition, and social media, bankers and analysts can identify relationships between data points hidden deep in large volumes of disparate data.

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For retail or commercial banking, insurance, asset management, brokerage, private equity or hedge funds, Cortex EIP can perform comprehensive assessments of customer relationships and the risks associated with new products. Cortex EIP will also augment the intelligence of your human resources to monitor important issues, generate alerts and suggest resolutions.

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Cortex EIP provides management super-human oversight and insight by integrating banking operations data from the edge to the center, and by using cognitive learning. The business intelligence software presents the results of your analysis in a holistic view that includes internal and external sources.

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