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The Challenge

The defense community is loaded with large data sets, including streaming sensors, surveillance, reporting, signals, geospatial and captured enemy material. The challenge is connecting and assessing the information in a secure environment.


The Semantic AI Solution

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Cortex EIP locates and ingests any type of data from DOD operations such as joint intelligence, HUMINT and GEOINT, as well as military operations like Personnel Recovery and weapons of mass destruction. The data is quickly fused together into a single secure schema that can be searched and queried.

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Cortex EIP uses AWS, Microsoft Azure and other leading cloud platforms to provide authorized, secure, and advanced analytics technologies like machine learning, voice and facial recognition, and predictive analytics. The Cortex EIP data model is based on the way humans gather, access and store information.

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Cortex EIP moves the data through the entire intelligence cycle; creating multiple types of graphs and visualizations and enabling collaboration among those with the approved clearance. The presentation model resembles human cognition and delivers insight in ways that business intelligence and data analytics applications simply cannot replicate.

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