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The Challenge

Security experts recognize that the value of data and cyber threats are escalating fast, but traditional security infrastructure is struggling to keep up. Cortex EIP uses augmented intelligence to discover patterns which foreshadow an attack, reveal vulnerabilities in your attack surface, and identify potential insider threats.

The Semantic AI Solution


Cortex EIP starts by pulling together massive amounts of disparate data types everywhere in your organization’s data ecosystem. Internal or external, structured or unstructured, text or video, the data is fused into a single schema that you can query and search and connect all the dots. Cortex EIP is designed to fit into any existing infrastructure, and deliver scalability and extensibility as needed.


Because malware is evasive and pervasive, Cortex EIP analyzes the characteristics of more sources than humanly possible—including questionable files, vulnerabilities, and insider threats—and maps commonalities with threat trends and patterns; alerting your team of any suspicious behaviors and patterns.


In real time, Cortex EIP continuously moves your data through an entire cyber investigation cycle. Then, using cognitive learning, presents a diverse assortment of graphs and visualizations that will allow you to see and send alerts regarding suspicious activity, intercept threats, and rapidly take action.

See How Semantic AI can Work for you Request A Demo