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The Challenge

Great community leaders serve the people. To do this effectively, local community leaders must make data-driven decisions for the good of their communities; finding and organizing all necessary information to process, respond, and react to, in any situation.

City Pulse, powered by Cortex EIP, assists City, State, and Regional officials in learning about their jurisdictions―using real-time data within a live dashboard to focus on community & social engagement, leadership insights, safety & security, integrity, infrastructure, and special issues. It’s all here in one place. Access relevant local data and get actionable intelligence into area issues you care about. Drive policy and decisions with data directed by live community insight and current sentiment. Data coming together at your fingertips. The pulse of your community!


City Pulse is a community information platform that enables city officials to make better data-driven decisions. Powered by Cortex EIP, City Pulse integrates, analyzes, and communicates the heartbeat of your community. Utilizing 18 data sources, City Pulse provides immediate access to non-emergency, social media, news, and emergency statistics. Our custom dashboards pull pertinent local data and deliver information that you can act on, for the well-being of your community.


City Pulse means no more guessing what your community cares about. Learn about your constituents by understanding how your residents interact at local events, feel about local policy, and are saying about you as a leader. Make informed decisions on policy and respond proactively to current events in your community.


With easy setup, integration, and leading-edge data analysis, City Pulse aggregates your vital data into a single feed so you can see statistics, determine actions, and ultimately improve resident safety and quality of life. Tap into the heartbeat of your community, with City Pulse, from Semantic AI.

See How Semantic AI can Work for you Request A Demo