Connect To
Any Data Source

Connect to all data sources inside and outside your organization.

Data to Insights
in Minutes

Enrich your data with context to get insight.

Tell a Meaningful

Look at data in different ways to understand the who, what, when, where, how, and why of a story.

Freedom to Analyze Anywhere

You don’t need to be connected to find answers. You can do all your analysis and push back the answers when you re-connect.

Semantica ProSemantica Pro Semantica Pro Semantica Pro Semantica Pro

On-Demand Data

Completely Contextual

Immediate Insight

Dynamic Decisions

Semantica Pro is a comprehensive desktop solution for data fusion, analysis, and reporting. With Pro, individual analysts and small teams of users can ingest data from virtually any source, perform a number of graphical, geospatial and temporal analyses, and generate custom reporting to help “Tell the Story” of the data. Semantica Pro runs on a standard laptop and does not require a network connection.

Semantica Workflow

System RequirementsView


  • Advanced API interfaces with push & pull capabilities
  • Query all sources at once through a common user interface (UI)
  • Intelligent Schema
  • Semantic graph data model implemented in a triplestore
  • Advanced analytics with data visualization
  • Easy graphical workflow configurations


  • Connect to any data source within and outside the organization
  • Access and ingest only the data that you want
  • Enrich your data with geographic, demographic, behavioral, psychographic information and much more and create precise relationships
  • Reconcile formats, structures and terminologies and identify patterns and relationships in your data
  • Uncover unexpected associations and create hypotheses to make faster smarter decisions (entity, relationship, path, social network & “what if”)
  • Streamline processes by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks and spend more time analyzing