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The Challenge

With the sudden outbreak of the novel Coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 disease, there has never been a more critical time to rapidly leverage relevant data to manage the complex threats to your business operations. Management has a responsibility to its customers, employees, shareholders, stakeholders and the community at large, to monitor all possible threat vectors and, where appropriate, take action to protect the integrity of the enterprise. Threats to employee safety, supply chain integrity, facility operations, and business planning and continuity, shift dynamically every day. Capturing, tracking, and analyzing reliable data is the only way to ensure you can successfully navigate this unprecedented disruption.

Semantic AI has over two decades of experience creating data-led solutions for the Department of Defense, Intelligence Community and Law Enforcement. We help our nation monitor and respond to life-and-death crises on a daily basis. While there is no cookie-cutter solution for all businesses, our Cortex EIP Safety & Security Solution for COVID-19 is tailor-made to help you manage through this pandemic and get back to work.

The Semantic AI Solution


Semantic AI’s Cortex EIP Safety & Security Solution for COVID-19 integrates data from inside and outside the enterprise to enable you to track all relevant data, for every employee, facility, and location. By tracking and tracing information on every employee’s location and fitness to work—and overlaying that data with work locations, local, regional, national, and international outbreak information—you can lay the groundwork for a robust return to work strategy now, and manage your ongoing enterprise health index going forward.


Dive deeper into the KPIs that matter to your organization and get insights at a moment’s notice:

  • Location and fitness for work status of all your employees
  • Infection/exposure status at all facilities, worldwide
  • Contact tracing for your global workforce
  • Status of key systems like your supply chain
  • Current and relevant updates from trusted, real-time data feeds


Cutting-edge displays provide instant insights into the impacts on your operations:

  • Track availability of employees throughout the enterprise and deploy them proactively
  • Monitor the health of your workforce, immediately isolate and quarantine infected staff, and trace their contacts
  • Use up-to-the-minute data to plan, execute, and optimize your re-opening and recovery strategy
  • Create standard compliance reports as necessary


Rapidly communicate the facts and data your team needs to restart operations, and keep them going throughout the course of the pandemic:

  • Instantly create reports needed to inform your teams
  • Generate required compliance documentation
  • View baseball card-style dossiers on all employees
  • Use predictive analytics to proactively manage facility openings, closings and reopenings

Sudden, unpredicted crises like fires, attacks, climate events, and pandemics are now a part of our business risk portfolios. Be prepared to protect the safety and security of your business operations now, and be ready for the next unplanned event. Most importantly, use data to manage the sensitive process of restoring operations and to find new ways to profit amid diversity.

Move at pandemic speed and be mission ready in days, not months.

See How Semantic AI can Work for you Request A Demo